Bethany Male

Sector Manager

  1. 01603 917900 | 07825 243716
  2. bethany.male@hawk-3.com

What is your proudest Hawk 3 moment?

My proudest gap moment would be when I was promoted to Senior Consultant and I’ll never forget the beautiful bunch of flowers my manager handed me on the day! My progression from trainee to senior happened within 12 months, so it was a huge professional and personal achievement having never worked in recruitment before and it’s a memory I’ll always treasure.  

What do you get up to outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones (including my adorable Frenchie, Maggie) and whipping up cocktails in my kitchen at the weekend! I am a big socialiser and foodie, so love nothing more than trying new foods, places to eat and entertaining at home.

What is your mantra?

It’s better to be looking at it, than looking for it!