Samantha Murray

Regional Manager East

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  2. samantha.murray@hawk-3.com
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Proudest Hawk 3 moment

In the early days, it would have been being top perms biller for the business for the year. However, now I manage a fantastic team around me, my proudest moments are always those in which my team members get the recognition they have earnt – whether it be one of them getting a promotion, being awarded employee of the month or simply growing in confidence and passing on their know-how to others. You are only as good as the team around you!  

What I get up to outside of work

I am a holiday enthusiast and each year need at least one holiday with my husband and one girls trip. When having to make do with England you’ll find me snuggling/walking/staring lovingly at my ridiculously cute sausage dog Marley (dogs are better than humans), binging Netflix series (Breaking Bad is better than Game of Thrones), or going “out out” for many pink gins (lemonade is better than tonic).

My mantra

Don’t sweat the small stuff and if in doubt, always order the burger.