FMCG and online retail


Sourcing people who will make a real difference in
​FMCG and online retail 

With retailers strengthening their online shopping experiences to keep up with consumer demand, FMCG and online retail present a variety of career opportunities at all levels. And with online retail experiencing the equivalent of five years growth between 2019 and 2020 alone, there are minimal signs of the industry slowing down.

There are numerous paths you can take, from e-commerce managers and online merchandisers to product designers and import export coordinators. Whatever you decide, we’ll work together with you to find the job you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you require new team members to drive rapid online growth, we’ve got the talent pool to help.


Jobs we recruit for in FMCG and Online Retail

  • E-Commerce Management

  • Demand and Forecasting Managers

  • Product design and testing

  • Production Management structure,

  • Import/Export and Compliance,

  • Online Merchandiser

  • Range Planners

  • Quality and Hygiene

Useful qualifications and skillsets for a career in FMCG and Online Retail

  • LEAN/Six Sigma

  • Food Safety


  • MSc in Food Production Management

  • BSc in Economics

  • MBA

  • CIPS

  • Import/Export Diplomas

  • Skills: Ability to work under pressure, decision making, attention to detail, communication, analysis, IT skills, customer service